8 American Things I Can’t Live Without in Paris

A year after leaving the U.S., there are lots of things I enjoy (baguettes, croissants, shopping) and miss (my friends, my job, ENGLISH). So when my husband and I traveled last month to New York -- he for work, me to hang out and meet up with friends and colleagues -- there were a few things I knew I wanted to be sure and bring back to Paris. In short order, here's the random stuff that I miss so much in Paris I loaded up my bag for the return trip: Peanut butter. This is one food that's as American as pie -- that the French are notoriously not fond of (hubby is grossed out by my daily PB habit). Sadly, most grocery stores don't carry ... [Read More]

7 Ways This Year’s French Presidential Election Is a Soap Opera

Today is the French presidential election. Despite the cold and wet weather, I was happy to see this outside of the polling place across from our apartment: Even if you aren’t living in France, you might have heard about this election for one simple reason: Marine Le Pen. Following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the rise of Le Pen -- the anti-immigration, anti-globalisation leader of the far-right party -- has people not only in France but around the world concerned about what’s to come from the populist movement. Living in Paris with a front and center seat, here a few of the wildest things I’ve heard or read: A former ... [Read More]