Who Am I If I Don’t Have a Job?

Two weeks ago I quit a full-time job I (most of the time) loved for…no other job in sight. With our move to Paris, I plan to freelance. Before I left my job, I felt excited about the potential of working for myself. But now, with only prospects but no contract in the queue, I’m riding the roller coaster of thrill and panic, wondering: Who am I if I don’t have a job? Since January I had been waiting impatiently until the right moment to quit, given my husband’s current job and his new offer. But the deadline kept getting pushed back— from February 1st to 15th to, finally, March 1st. The wait felt impenetrable; I couldn’t wait to leave and ... [Read More]

9 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving from NYC to Paris

This past week my husband and I made the leap: We moved our entire lives from our comfy Chelsea apartment to the unknown life in Paris. Well, not entirely unknown—my husband is from Paris, and I lived there 10 years ago for a year and a half between school and teaching English in the suburbs of St. Denis. Yet this time around, there were still plenty of unknowns. Here are nine things I learned from my move that might be helpful to anyone else looking to leap the ocean. Just deal with your landlord (even if he is a scumbag). When we contacted our landlord to let him know that we were moving out of the country and wanted to get out of our ... [Read More]