Paris Is Dead, But I’m OK with That

Right now in Paris it's a very special time. I knew something was different when one day about two weeks ago I stopped hearing my overhead neighbor's phone vibrating on the floor and her footsteps creaking on the floorboards at 7am every weekday. It happened once...and then again. And again. And then, I started seeing these signs appearing EVERYWHERE and I knew...Paris is dead. Or at least for August: Yes, that's right. CLOSED from August 1 to August 24-ish. Three weeks. Just like that. Known as "les congés annuels" or just simply "estivale," it's an annual right in France. Sort of like their Sundays, when ... [Read More]

I Figured Out What Parisians Actually Use Parks For and It’s Awesome

Last week I was very proud of myself when I got over being a crazy American and worked out at Sacre Coeur, despite tons of people milling about, after my neighbor yelled at me for making too much noise when I exercised at our apartment (and I realized Paris does not have gyms so I better get used to working out outdoors). I found that the people, for the most part, didn't seem to notice I was there. And I was happy about that. Yet I still asked a friend for recommendations of other, possibly more quiet, parks where I could get my workout on. Because...parks are everywhere here. I just needed to find one that wasn't crawling with people. I ... [Read More]