This Week’s 3 Healthy Recipes: Farro

With more fiber than lots of other grains including quinoa, oatmeal and rice, farro is an often-neglected ancient superfood that should be on your menu. I keep seeing it on healthy Paris restaurant menus...and I had to try it out myself at home! One half cup nets you about 150 calories (same as oatmeal), 8g fiber, 8g protein and 10 percent of your daily iron. With a nutty flavor and chewy texture, it's a great substitution in pretty much any recipe calling for rice. It makes a great hearty replacement for your morning oatmeal and is delish in soups/stews, on salads, and paired with fall-to-winter foods like squash. Bring small bag of farro ... [Read More]

Ratatouille, Revisited: A Light and Easy Vegetarian Lunch

For lunch I’m usually in the mood for something light and colorful—but my daily salads can really get sad. So when I saw a retake on a recipe for ratatouille, I jumped on it. And it was perfect: A fresh but filling summer lunch, with loads of nutritional goodies including fiber, B vitamins, potassium, folate, vitamin C, biotin (good for hair and skin!), and some protein from the zucchini and cheese. French cuisine with an American twist! Ingredients: Onion 2 garlic cloves 2 tbsp olive oil 1 zucchini, sliced longways and insides scooped out 1 eggplant 2 tomatoes Handful of basil, chopped Grated comte cheese Chili ... [Read More]

A Healthy French Dinner in Under 15 Minutes & 10 Euros

Today I realized I’m becoming French faster than I thought: I found myself craving mussels when I saw they were 20 percent on sale. Just 4 euros—FOUR EUROS!—for a 1-kilo pack at the grocery store. Back at home, I had all of the rest of the ingredients I needed left over from various other meals: --A couple tbsp. French butter --3 cups dry white wine (a totally drinkable bottle costs only about 4 euros at the French supermarket!!) --Shallots --Garlic --Red pepper --Lemon, zested --Day-old baguette (1 euro at the bakery) I was otherwise going to throw out but could now toast and dip --Cilantro (which I LOVE and ... [Read More]

Le Sargent Recruteur: Elegant Dining on Ile Saint Louis

Restaurant: Le Sargent Recruteur Area: Ile Saint Louis Come for: Gourmet French Specialties: Fancy French dishes beautifully plated -- turbot, pigeon, lamb, caviar, foie gras Best for: Romantic/business/celebratory dinner Price: $$$$ // 40 euros per main, or 59 euros for prix-fixe menu (entrée/plat/dessert) Service: Very slow What we had: Foie gras with fig; turbot with carrots and orange sauce; stuffed lamb with an olive crust and polenta; cheese plate (camembert, brie, two types of goat, bleu d'avergne) A little taste: We came to Le Sargent Recruteur to celebrate my husband's mom's birthday with his brother and sister-in-law. ... [Read More]

Season: Fresh, Healthy Café Near République

Restaurant: Season Area: 3ème arrondissement (near République) Come for: Healthy Asian-fusion Specialties: Fresh pressed juice, salads, vegetarian, gluten-free Best for: Lunch with friends Price: $-$$ // 14 euros per main, decent portions Service: Harried and slow but friendly What we had: Green pizza (pesto made with arugula and pistachio, ricotta and mozzarella) salmon salad (marinated salmon, mango, ginger, beet shoots, squash, arugula); vegetarian bun (rice noodles with grilled tofu, carrots, cauliflower, red onions, coriander and mint); green juice (kale, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger) A little taste: This restaurant ... [Read More]

Cinq-Mars: Romantic Traditional French Dinner Near the Musée D’Orsay

Restaurant: Cinq-Mars Area: 7ème arrondissement Come for: Traditional French Specialties: Blanquette de veau; pot-au-feu (quintessential French beef stew) Best for: Romantic dinner Price: $$ // 20 euros per main, generous portions Service: Attentive and friendly What we had: Hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise sauce (sort of like deviled eggs); veal blanquette (blanquette de veau--a very traditional French dish with a thick cream sauce and veggies); lamb stew with tomatoes (similar to tagine); mont blanc (super-sugary chestnut puree topped with whipped cream and caramelized nuts) A little taste: Looking for a dinner spot near the ... [Read More]

Le Comptoir: Cozy Terrace for a Drink in Odéon

Restaurant: Le Comptoir du Relais Area: 6ème arrondissement Come for: A twist on traditional French Specialties: Salads; grilled meats (chicken, salmon, steak); cheese Best for: Business lunch or drinks Price: $$$ // 20 euros per main; small portions Service: Prompt and businesslike What we ate: "Gourmande" salad with green beans, artichokes and foie gras; seared tuna with roasted veggies (beets, squash); yogurt with a fresh cherry "jam" A little taste: As far as food goes, Le Comptoir's was average and on the pricier side. That said, the restaurant--part of a four-star hotel in the heart of Odéon--has a heated terrace...a great ... [Read More]

Shiki: Traditional Japanese in Boulogne

Restaurant: Shiki Area: Boulogne Come for: Traditional Japanese (not a sushi restaurant) Specialties: Bento box; French-influenced traditional Japanese (like oysters grilled with miso and garlic; tuna tartare with spicy miso; pan-fried fatty teriyaki tuna) Best for: Casual dinner with friends Price: $$ // 20 euros per main; big portions Service: Friendly but a little slow What we ate: Bento box: miso soup; an amuse bouche of bonite sashimi; assorted sashimi; fried chicken; cooked salmon marinated in ginger and soy sauce; rice A little taste: The restaurant had the most Japanese diners I've seen in one place in Paris, speaking in ... [Read More]