Season: Fresh, Healthy Café Near République

lunch at season restaurant paris

Restaurant: Season
Area: 3ème arrondissement (near République)
Come for: Healthy Asian-fusion
Specialties: Fresh pressed juice, salads, vegetarian, gluten-free
Best for: Lunch with friends
Price: $-$$ // 14 euros per main, decent portions
Service: Harried and slow but friendly
What we had: Green pizza (pesto made with arugula and pistachio, ricotta and mozzarella) salmon salad (marinated salmon, mango, ginger, beet shoots, squash, arugula); vegetarian bun (rice noodles with grilled tofu, carrots, cauliflower, red onions, coriander and mint); green juice (kale, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger)

salmon salad season restaurant paris vegetarian bun at season restaurant paris republique green juice at season paris
A little taste: This restaurant came as quite a novelty since I last lived in Paris 10 years ago, when there was no translation for gluten-free. Today there still is no French word for gluten-free (they call it “gluten-free”), but you can certainly get your fill (if that’s your thing) at a number of restaurants throughout the city, including this hybrid juice bar/coffee bar/restaurant. Run by a “naturopath” chef from the U.K., the restaurant offers exactly what its name promises: Fresh, colorful, seasonal dishes, both with and without gluten, and with lots of green. The space itself is soothing and minimalist, with clean black-and-white decor. Filled with local 20 to 30-something French hipsters wearing thick glasses and baseball hats, when we visited one of the many young moms there with her baby was breastfeeding at the table (THIS is definitely not something you would have ever seen a decade ago in Paris…it’s even rare today. Go mom!). The service leaves a bit to be desired (slow; the waitress kept bumping into my chair and stepped all over my coat, no apologies), but it’s certainly a refreshing change to the stereotype of French “meat in its sauce.”

season restaurant gluten-free vegetarian republique paris

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