Shiki: Traditional Japanese in Boulogne


Restaurant: Shiki
Area: Boulogne
Come for: Traditional Japanese (not a sushi restaurant)
Specialties: Bento box; French-influenced traditional Japanese (like oysters grilled with miso and garlic; tuna tartare with spicy miso; pan-fried fatty teriyaki tuna)
Best for: Casual dinner with friends
Price: $$ // 20 euros per main; big portions
Service: Friendly but a little slow
What we ate: Bento box: miso soup; an amuse bouche of bonite sashimi; assorted sashimi; fried chicken; cooked salmon marinated in ginger and soy sauce; rice

bento box at le shiki, boulogne, france amuse bouche le shiki
A little taste: The restaurant had the most Japanese diners I’ve seen in one place in Paris, speaking in Japanese…always a good sign. Open since 2009, it’s the sister restaurant to Le Sanki. Chef Kano, the restaurant’s sushi chef who hails from Osaka, worked at Le Sanki before Shiki and  has lived in Paris for the past two decades. He claims that of 800 to 900 Japanese restaurants in Paris, only about 10 percent are run by actual Japanese, like himself (the rest are Chinese…decide what that means for yourself). We ran into a fellow American diner outside of the restaurant who has lived in the area for the past 11 years who told us (in true French fashion) that the sister restaurant Le Sanki is bullshit, and there are no good other Japanese restaurants in Paris…but Shiki is the real deal. My husband, who is French and spent six months in Japan, agrees.

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