7 Ways This Year’s French Presidential Election Is a Soap Opera

Today is the French presidential election. Despite the cold and wet weather, I was happy to see this outside of the polling place across from our apartment: Even if you aren’t living in France, you might have heard about this election for one simple reason: Marine Le Pen. Following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the rise of Le Pen -- the anti-immigration, anti-globalisation leader of the far-right party -- has people not only in France but around the world concerned about what’s to come from the populist movement. Living in Paris with a front and center seat, here a few of the wildest things I’ve heard or read: A former ... [Read More]

8 Things You Need to Know Before Moving from the U.S. to France

Given last night’s devastating Trump election, a lot of people have been asking how they can get the heck out of this country. I’m not saying that’s the solution: The U.S. needs people standing up for the rights of minorities and women now more than ever. But if you were already planning (or thinking of) moving to Paris, what I learned on our move this summer to France can help: Expect it’s going to cost more than you think. Between shipping and moving fees, visa application, potentially paying double rent (see below), and buying new stuff to settle into your new home, moving is pricey. Like, thousands of dollars kind of pricey. It will ... [Read More]