3 *Absurd* Rules That Only Make Sense to French People

There are two types of people in life: Those who are perpetually early, and those who are perpetually late. I admit: I probably fall into the latter category. My instinct is to wait to the last minute to leave because I just have to write one more paragraph…resulting in a mad rush to make it to whatever rendez-vous I scheduled. I was finally adulting and making it to places on time when we left New York. But let’s just say since moving to Paris, my bad habits are back in full force. Blame it on the place: in France, time is a very fluid concept. To the French, being “on time” means arriving ~30-45 minutes later than the time you agreed ... [Read More]

The Important Lesson I Learned After 7 Months Living from a Suitcase

One of the first things people would say when I’d tell them most of our stuff was in a box floating on the Atlantic was that you realize what’s important to you and what’s not when you don’t have it. And I didn’t really miss those pots and pans and drills, did I? No. But actually…yes. Not for the reason you think you’d miss something. It was out of desire, but a new kind of desire I hadn’t ever really experienced before. We packed up our New York life in a total of 16 boxes this past March. At first lovingly arranged, each china plate and crystal flute lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap and newspaper. And then, the remainders tossed ... [Read More]