Why I Need These Chocolate Chip Cookies Now More Than Ever

As a girl back in Tucson, chocolate chip cookies were a nearly weekly family event. My mom would break out the bowl and the beaters; I’d find sugars and eggs. She sifted the flour; I beat in the eggs. We each took a beater and licked off the dough while my dad stirred in the chocolate chips. Then we all ate a warm cookie with a glass of milk. It was a routine, and that meant it became comforting. And that’s what I need right about now. I’m almost afraid to admit it, because these aren’t “real” problems. I’m not homeless, hungry or abused. Most people would probably even see my situation and think I have every reason to be happy: I’m ... [Read More]

Paris Is Dead, But I’m OK with That

Right now in Paris it's a very special time. I knew something was different when one day about two weeks ago I stopped hearing my overhead neighbor's phone vibrating on the floor and her footsteps creaking on the floorboards at 7am every weekday. It happened once...and then again. And again. And then, I started seeing these signs appearing EVERYWHERE and I knew...Paris is dead. Or at least for August: Yes, that's right. CLOSED from August 1 to August 24-ish. Three weeks. Just like that. Known as "les congés annuels" or just simply "estivale," it's an annual right in France. Sort of like their Sundays, when ... [Read More]