5 Reasons Kyoto Is the Paris of Japan

After the hustle of Tokyo—which, in many ways, reminded me of New York—we were thrilled to land in Kyoto. It was a warm spring evening, and as every other couple I heard spoke French, I couldn’t help but think: If Tokyo—with its bright lights, all-night convenience stores, skyscrapers, chic restaurants and overachiever residents— is New York, Kyoto is Paris. Here, five ways Kyoto is like the Paris of Japan (or why Paris is the Kyoto of France...): 1. It’s a woman. As the Angela Carter said…London is a man, Paris a woman and New York a well-adjusted transsexual. Kyoto is a woman, too, with a romantic, well-dressed vibe. Like Paris, all of ... [Read More]

The Best Place to Run in Kyoto

With the many stoplights and Japan’s unbending rule to follow traffic signals (NO jaywalking like NYC), you need a park—a big one—to go for a run. My first stop, via recommendations online: The Imperial Palace, which just happened to be across the street from our apartment. However after one quick lap around, in less than 20 minutes, I needed more. And found myself at the banks of the Kamo River. Just five minutes away from the palace and central to all the tourist spots in Kyoto, the Kamo River (which means duck river...and there are many resident ducks) is the ideal place for a run. The banks are 19 miles long, plenty to get your ... [Read More]