The Moment I Understood Why American Healthcare Sucks So Much

I’m almost scared to write this lest I jinx myself: I am uninsured. That’s right, folks—no healthcare. Zip. And because of these circumstances and a recent visit to the doctor’s office, I’ve come to discover one more big reason why French healthcare is so great...especially compared to the U.S. After Olivier and I quit our jobs at the start of April, we were both off our employers’ healthcare plans—the first time, I think, I’ve EVER been without insurance. Clearly, I’m not a risk taker. The very next day, we had ourselves signed up for travel health insurance that would cover us for any big incidents over the following two months, while we ... [Read More]

6 Things Parisians REALLY Think About Brexit

With the U.K. voting last week to exit the E.U., there’s been a bit of a freak-out on this side of the Atlantic—especially among Parisians. After all, France and Britain aren’t exactly best friends, and this vote is seen as a bit of an f-u to the European region. Here are a few of the things I’ve read and heard on the streets of Paris RE “Brexit”: That sucks, I can’t buy as much now. At a chic Paris boutique, I overheard a British customer asking a salesgirl the price of a shirt. When Salesgirl responded in euros, Brit said “well unfortunately that’s about the same as it costs now in pounds” and chuckled to herself. When Salesgirl ... [Read More]