The Japanese Have Class…in 6 Stories

Olivier told me a story years ago, before we came to Japan: Once, when he was lost in Tokyo (this was before smartphones) he asked a random man on the street for help. But he couldn’t speak enough Japanese to tell the man what he needed. So the man called his granddaughter, because she spoke English, who rode over on her bike to guide Olivier personally to his destination. That is class. As an antidote to a recent post, where I (possibly unfairly) pondered sexism in Japanese anime, I thought I’d follow up with a few examples of the ways I've seen Japanese people being incredibly considerate, respectful and well-mannered during our week in ... [Read More]

7 Spring Styles Spotted in Tokyo

In the days of H&M and Zara—both of which are in Tokyo—people everywhere are in the same styles (or at least from what I’ve noted in NYC, Paris and now Tokyo). That said, each place has its trademark. In Tokyo, nearly all women wear skirts or jeans. And men sport fahion typically only for women elsewhere (and look very chic while they're at it). Here, the top trends I noticed on the streets of Tokyo, for both men and women: WOMEN Tea-length skirts and dresses The wide skirt was a HUGE trend in Tokyo; in fact, almost every girl we saw was wearing a skirt similar to this. Wide-legged pants Among girls who ... [Read More]